Gumbo Radio is currently a one whoman operation with multiple contributors (actors and composers). The aim is to release a monthly radio play, with plans to produce multiple other podcasts in the future. 

Gumbo Radio started because I had a lot of short stories in my head and was looking for the perfect medium in which to publish them. I was doing a Bachelor of Audio production at the time and needed to create a final major project.  Lightning struck, and I decided to combine my love of audio with with my passion for writing. 

I am always writing new stories, generally science fiction, usually comedic, always weird. If it doesn't contain some element of complete ridiculousness, I didn't write it. Most of the Gumbo stories are inspired by my somewhat warped impression of daily life. As well as my interpretation of the things I see and watch.

As the project grew so did my ambition, I now have several plans in motion for the future of Gumbo. What started as a school project has come to become so much more.

Once more time and funding become available I have plans to host (in spite of crippling anxiety) a chat show. To have awkward discussions with other creatives; whom most likely also have anxiety; about their lives and their views on the world. Timidly and quietly asking the hard hitting questions.


Who is this enigma behind Gumbo Radio, you ask?. well that's a good question. I am Nik Rossi, a humble fan of Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Art, and Politics; preferably when all of these are wrapped up together in a neat little package. One day I hope to be abducted by interstellar beings, as maybe then I will find my place in this world.

I am also a huge fan of music, which is why I initially got into audio. What kind of music is kind of a big question, I can find music in most "genres" who I enjoy. But more specifically I would say I am drawn to Blues, Punk and Rock.

I worked for a long time as a sales and marketing person in an industrial factory in rural Victoria. Boy did I not fit in there, none the less I excelled, but was never truly satisfied with my life. I also have to give credit to the people I worked with, because no matter how weird they thought I was (even the toned down version of me) they always accepted me.

After spending way too long working there, my urge to pursue my own path slowly overpowered my anxiety. I went back to University to study audio and never looked back (I've stumbled and looked down, but never back)

 I have worked with bands in the recording studio, and while I thoroughly enjoyed doing it, I knew it wasn't right for me. At around the same time I  came to find sound design for film; And have since become obsessed with it.

Recently I have been working as a Boom swinger/Sound recordist/Sound designer on several short films and "television" shows. I look forward to working on many more projects like these, So if you need a friendly neighbourhood sound guy  feel free to contact me on the allocated page.